Hole-In-One Club

Hole In One Club

 Every Full Golf Member is automatically enrolled into the Hole-In-One Club. For every Hole-In-One a member gets (that is witnessed) they receive a F@B Tab Credit for drinks, and Golf Shop Credit. The amount is dependent upon how many Full Golf Members we have. Each Full golf member will be charge $2 for every Hole-In-One, with $1 going towards the F&B tab , and the other $1 going to the golfer in Golf Shop credit. The F@B tab is open to all Full Golf Members to have a drink (wells or beer), but will be cut off once the credit is reached. The F&B Tab Credit is not bankable towards a member’s bill, it is for drinks for Full Golf Members Only. The tab will remain open until the Tab Credit is reached. This means the tab could be open for more than one day. Full Golf Members are still only allowed ONE drink in this instance. The membership will be charged for the Hole-In-One the month the Hole-In-One took place. We hope this helps everyone understand how the Hole-In-One Club works.


May the Hole-In-One’s be plentiful this year at Tallgrass