Hole-In-One Club

Here’s how it works:

All Members are automatically enrolled in the Hole-In-One Club, but may be opted out of at any time.

· Every time someone in the Hole-In-One Club makes an Ace,   Everyone in the Hole-In-One Club will be Billed $2. $1 goes to food & Beverage. $1 goes to Golf Shop credit.

· On the day of the Ace; from the time it is reported to the Golf Shop, the bar tab will be open for one free drink for everyone that is in the Hole-In-One Club. This bar tab will be open until the end of that day, or the bill hits $200.00 (Whichever comes first).

The contributions based on the Club members will be given to the member that made the Ace in Food & Beverage and also, Golf Shop credit.

Our Goal for 2018:

300 members of the Hole-In-One Club!!

* This $200 bar tab amount is based on  200 members being in the Hole-In-One Club. The amount of the bar expense and the Golf Shop credit will both increase as more members sign-up!